Our Goals & Objectives

We believe in our core values,mission and vision to ensure that our target groups and the community benefit fully from our programs and also helps us in tailoring programs and project to benefit them.

We Strive to Empower our communities by;

  • To champion for the economic rights of vulnerable youths and women in the community.
  • To enhance awareness and Advocasy on the rights of Girls and women in the community for their economic independence.
  • To encourage leadership and governance knowledge among youth and women in the community.
  • To establish a community ICT incubation centre for learning and research.
  • Encourage adoption of entrepreneural skills in youth and women for their economic sustainance.
  • Empower Youth,Women and girls with Agribussiness,ICT and Entreprenurship knowledge.
  • To establish a community library and mentorship centre for the youth .
  • To establish a vocational and talent incubation centre for youth and young women.
  • To improve the accesibility and utilization of agricultural skills by the community
  • To facilitate economic empowerment of youth(boys and girls) and women
  • To lobby for human rights
  • To train community members on hygiene,nutrition and networking
  • To facilitate referrals based on our partners request for sicknesses