COVID19 Response

Mitigation Measures

To support vulnerable households during and after the pandemic through food donations,sanitary towels

Agricology Opportunities

Embracing Organic Farming

The overral goal of this program is to increase the income of households within rural communities.In particular,the program focusses on Agriculture and micro enterprise development for livelihood diversification and food security.

Community Participation

Embraced by the Community

Programs embraced and appreciated by local authority and the community


Safegurding Community health

The goal is to spread awareness on health and WASH programs,by organizing medical camps,since inception 1689 people have benefitted from the program directly and indirectly in the past 3 years


Provision of basic Education for children in need of care and protection and women

The goal of this program is to increase access to basic primary education to vulnerable children,orphans and those in need of care and protection,so far supported 210 needy children and the number is increasing.

Promoting Equality

Gender Equality program

This program is aimed at discouraging any form of discrimination .The organization believes in equality and equity ,so far 23 women and youth groups trained on Human and women rights.