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Support us

You can support us through either restricted or unrestricted gifts

Restricted Gifts

  • Gifts in Kind.
  • Fees subsidy
  • Sponsor community training
  • Sponsor community or a school projects
  • Support with therapy material
  • Sponsor income generating activity (IGA).
  • Construct a shelter
  • Technical Support
  • Unrestricted Gifts

    The organization (St Queens education center) work depend on unrestricted regardless of the amount whether one time, annually or monthly provides us with the opportunity to function as an organization. We treasure mutual partnership for a shared journey for a great impact in Kenya Your gift will enable the Foundation deliver Holistic empowerment to vulnerable women, OVCs and youth.

    • Formal learning ( 8-4-4 system).
    • Clubs e.g scouts and girl guides, child rights club. It is in the clubs that children are able to discuss issues affecting them and the possible solutions as well.
    • Adult Education Programme
    • Networking St queens work closely with children department and other institutions working with children in order to achieve our goal
    • Parents/guardian Empowerment. The Parents are empowered on how to protect the rights of their children within the community as well as their responsibility to take care of their children and make sure they send their children to school.
    • Educational trips. the children learn more about their country
    • Guidance and counseling for the abused children and other children who have different problems e.g. domestic
    • Sports for development- Sports can be an effective way of engaging disadvantaged youth who lack both networks and the attitudes and attributes which are essential to entrepreneurship and employment. Sports can be used to attract youth and build qualities such as risk taking, confidence, self discipline and team work. Through sports, these young people develop self esteem, a sense of achievement and learn pre-employment skills of reliability, working in groups and mastering a new art.
    • Spiritual nourishment. it is emphasized because it is essential , it helps children develop a sense of responsibility