Our Strategic Approach

We believe in our core values,mission and vision to ensure that our target groups and the community benefit fully from our programs and also helps us in tailoring programs and project to benefit them.

We #Educate #Transform #Elevate and #Empower communities by;

  1. Support Vocational training and apprenticeship for youth
  2. Conduct training and mentorship on Women and girl rights in schools and the community
  3. Conduct trainings and mentorships on entrepreneurship ICT for youths and Women
  4. Support development of viable business enterprises for youths and women
  5. Support youths and women acquire business Start-ups kits
  6. Support youths with psychological needs and on drugs undergo rehabilitation and counselling.
  7. Train Youths and women on Village Saving Models.
  8. Facilitate talents nurturing and development of youths
  9. Support youths to identify and participate in internship or apprenticeship
  10. Support and organize trainings on Leadership for women and youths.
  11. Refer patients based on our partners requests during health and medical camps.

List of Partners;-Partner With Us Today;Thank You

Join our growing list of happy partners dedicated to see change in the community,our partnerships go along way in ensuring equity and equality in our communities where women,youth,adolescent girls are empowered and treated equally.