Our Core Values
  1. 1.Neutrality
  2. As a National and Community Based Organisation resolve to remain non-partisan in its program activities inorder to play an effective role in conflict resolution and peace building efforts
  3. 2.Transparency and Accountability
  4. Commitment to undertake operations in a transparent and accountable manner anbd to provide effective and sustainable services
  5. 3.Honesty
  6. Upholding honesty to both the government of Kenya and the needy population who are benefiting from our services.This enhances trust,cooperation and act as a tool for change
  7. 4.Advocacy,Justice and Rule of Law
  8. Fostering strong activism against human rights abuses and gender based violenceby supporting gender equity and equality issues
  9. 5.Integrity and Commitmnet
  10. Commitment to gain and maintain the respect of the communities it serves
  11. 6.Compassionate
  12. 7.Excellence


Our Target Group
  1. -Adolescent girls boys and girl child
  2. -Vulnerable women (widows, disabled, from poor background)
  3. -Youth out of school (from poor background, orphans, disabled, in drugs)
  4. -Vulnerable School going youths (orphans, disabled, from poor background)